Services and Price List

Reliable and efficient Same-Day and Pick-Up-and-Delivery services are available.
Price List

 Blouse (Base Price)  $9.35
 Rayon  $9.60
 Silk  $10.40
 Coats (Base Price)  $15.85
 Raincoats  $18.50
 Zip Out Lining  $7.05
 Water Repel  $8.55
 Wool (Short)  $18.80
 Dresses (Base Price) Knit   $18.80
 Cotton   $19.30
 Rayon  $19.30
 Jackets (Base Price)  $9.10
 Cotton  $10.60
 Ultrasuedes  $13.60
 Skirts (Base Price)  $9.10
 Cotton  $9.35
 Skorts  $10.00
 Shirts Dry-cleaned (polo type)   $7.90
 Dress Shirt  $8.60
 Silk  $9.90
 Suits (Base Price)   $18.25
 Rayon  $18.75
 Silk  $20.85
 Sweaters (Base Price)    $9.10
 Silk  $9.60
 Ties  $8.85
 Trousers (Base Price)   $9.35
 Cotton, Cords    $9.60
 Silk  $10.40
 Sizing is added to most garments to restore
 the original feel of your clothes


 Hem  $12.50
 Hem with Cuff  $15.50
 Hem with Lining Extra  $3.00
 Zipper 7-9 inch  $13.00*
 Jean Zipper  $13.50*
 * Does not include invisible zippers  
 Dresses & Skirts   
 Straight Hem, no slit  $17.00
 Straight Hem, with slit  $20.00
 Full Hem with pleat  $20.50
 Shorten sleeves with lining  $25.00
 Shorten sleeves without lining  $20.50
 Zipper without lining  $21.00
 Zipper with lining  $25.00
We have many other alterations, but these are just
a few of the common alterations and their base prices. 
 Laundered Shirt Price List  
 Shirts on Hanger  $3.00
 Shirts Folded  $3.20
There is an additional charge for a single shirt  

BEST cleaners in the country. Everyone is so helpful and wonderful.
-R. Olshwanger
-T. Shively
We compared 4 of your laundered and starched shirts with 4 of another reputable cleaners; he preferred yours! So here I am again with 10 shirts that "you" and "your service" competed for (though unknowing) & West Oak won the business!
-B. Eppard
Perfect every time.
-M. Madden
The cleaning and sewing is outstanding! The sewing is fantastic! Susan does great work! Thanks so much!
-B. Berry
Great Service!
-V. Westall
These ladies saved my best friend's wedding! I had a dress that the pleats were out of control. They arranged for me to get my dress pressed while I waited...We decided that no needless alterations were needed. EVERYONE WAS SUPER HELPFUL AND SUPPORTIVE! You are now my family cleaners!
-M. Masin
I come in all the way for Salem just for your cleaning!
-C. James
Dear West Oak Cleaners, I do not usually send in testimonials, but I feel compelled to do so. I have been through many different cleaners over the years and NONE of them compare to WestOak. I have been using WestOak for about 7 years (including multiple locations) and their quality of service and their level of customer service continues to WOW me! ...I just wish a few more businesses today had their level of consistent first rate customer service. I am a HUGE loyal customer! Thank YOU!
- A. Burch
Dear West Oak Cleaners,
WOW!!!!! I want to let you know what a happy customer I am! I stopped in your Chesterfield store, next to Dierbergs, on August 2. I had a blouse with 'issues', and Amber was SO nice! Daryll (your 'spotter'?) was in while I was there, and they both talked to me so nicely about my stained blouse. They could have made me feel bad about not having it cleaned sooner, or about not knowing what the myriad of stains were from, but they didn't. Their customer service skills were great. BUT - Daryll's skills are really what impressed me. He got my shirt PERFECT. I don't know how he did it, but I know I'll never use another dry cleaner but West Oak. I've told so many people how great you are, but it seems they already know. I wish I'd known about you sooner! Again, much thanks and gratitude to Amber and Daryll - please let them know they can add me to their list of people that think they're wonderful!
- Judy Reynolds
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