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Wedding gown preservation

West Oak Cleaners offers the finest wedding gown cleaning and preservation in the St. Louis area.

Your wedding gown is much more than a dress, it is a treasure and a symbol of an important event in your life. After the ceremony and the reception you may find that your gown is much less picturesque than the gown in your wedding portraits. Unfortunately, all those festivities have taken a toll on your beloved gown. The dress may have invisible stains from food, beverages, and body oils. As a result, if these stains are not removed, they may become permanent yellowing. Therefore, it is important to point out any stains or spills to your cleaner before cleaning.

At West Oak Cleaners, we have been innovating and leading the dry cleaning and wedding gown care industry since 1975. Trust your dress with West Oak Cleaners and get a quote today!

woman in wedding dress
woman showing back of wedding dress outside

We hand-test every type of bead and fabric on the dress. Our professional cleaners meticulously clean each dress. Well-experienced pressers finish the dress before the bride views the garment. In addition, We ask our brides to examine the gown before it is preserved. Our team likes to give our brides the peace of mind of knowing that the gown being preserved is cleaned to their satisfaction. We will re-clean, repress, or reexamine any and every detail the bride questions.

West Oak Cleaners offers cutting-edge preservation methods. When the next generation is ready to walk down the aisle, make sure to clean your wedding gown again to remove musty smells or dust that may have been collected.

Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions because it contains the memories of an important event in your life.  Whether you are borrowing it from a relative or buying it new, your gown deserves professional attention and special care. West Oak Cleaners provides the most detail-oriented, expert gown-cleaning and preservation service available. Our cleaning experts have decades of experience and ensure your wedding dress stays flawless before, during, & after your wedding.

Through our services, West Oak Cleaners ensures that your wedding dress will look as beautiful as it did the first day you wore it, years from now. We help our clients create a lifetime keepsake they can cherish forever and even pass down to a loved one to wear on her wedding day! Additionally, we can preserve your veil, shoes, and more!

woman in wedding dress
woman in wedding dress outside

At West Oak Cleaners, we begin the preservation process with a consultation followed by a detailed inspection of your wedding dress.  Next, our dry cleaning experts will then carefully clean your gown to remove any stains or impurities, rendering your dress back to its pristine original state.  The final step includes steaming and safely securing your gown in a specifically designed, acid-free, museum-quality, gold foil box or a specifically designed muslin garment bag that allows the dress to ‘breathe’. These storage options ensure your dress will be protected from the onset factors of time, preventing the collection of dust, mildew, and light damage. 

For additional help, view our custom designed brochure or speak with any of our wedding gown experts at all locations.

store your dress in a muslin bag

A specifically designed garment bag allows the dress to ‘breathe’, while protecting from permanent creases, light, and dust. Museums have been using this method for years. This method is only recommended if there is adequate room to hang the garment in a controlled environment. This is an excellent option if a dress is being resold or reused. Not recommended for long-term storage or for an extremely heavy gown.

 store your dress in a box

Place your gown in a specifically designed, acid-free, museum quality, gold foil box. Acid-free tissue paper is used to buffer folds along with a cardboard bodice to maintain the integrity of the dress. The box can be sealed or not sealed. (Sealed- oxygen is removed from the box with plastic cover.) A sealed box offers additional protection from air and moisture but the dress is not easily accessed.

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